Monday, April 30, 2012

Review of Keepsake by Kristina Riggle

Release Date - July 2012
Rating - 4

Trish considers herself a messy housekeeper. When a pile of items in her home falls on her son and breaks his collarbone, she realizes that she has a much more serious problem. Child Protective Services tells her she must clean up the house so that it is safe or she might lose her children. Her older son, Drew, realizes that it will be difficult for Trish to accomplish this and he contacts Trish's sister, Mary, asking her to come and help them. Mary and Trish have not been in contact for many years, both of them suffering from the consequences of living with their mother who was also a compulsive hoarder. As Mary and Trish work together to clean up Trish's home, they learn more about each other and uncover long-buried secrets about their mother.
Riggle does a great job of exploring the phenomenon of compulsive hoarding and how it affects families. It's a quick read and difficult to put down once started.

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