About Me

I have been a librarian for about 20 years...15 years as a public librarian (6 of those as a young adult librarian) and 5 years as an academic reference librarian. I have my MLS from Kent State University. Librarianship is actually my 3rd career...I was a home economist for several years and an event planner for many more years. I am married and have two grown sons. One is a police officer and the other is a teacher and track and field coach.My husband is a photographer and recently retired.

My astrological sign is Gemini and in many ways, that describes me perfectly. Gemini governs communications, intellectual matters, and gossip! Geminis have a "dual" facet to their personalities...solitary and introspective one minute; energetic and charming the next. Geminis are information seekers...which is probably why I was drawn to the library profession. I love to share my love of books with others. The creation of this blog comes out of my passion for reading and learning and sharing and connecting...all Gemini traits.

I love to read almost anything...even cereal boxes if nothing else is available. I love happy endings; complex, twisty plots; laugh-out-loud humor. Adult books, YA books, kids books; in print, on disc, on my e-reader. Just keep them coming. And one day, just maybe, I will write a book just like the ones I like to read.