Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review of In the Bag by Kate Klise

Rating - 4
Release Date - 5/2012

Daisy and her daughter Zoe are traveling to Paris from St. Louis for Zoe's spring break. Daisy is a top-notch chef and recently left a restaurant job to clear her mind and decide what she wants to do next. Andrew and his ason are heading to Madrid for Andrew's job as an exhibit designer. On the plane, Andrew actually jostled a woman holding a glass of wine which spills on her silk blouse. Andrew feels terrible. The woman is very attractive and Andrew is drawn to her. Uncharacteristically, Andrew composes a note apologizing and asking her out for a drink when they are back in St. Louis. He stuffs the note in her open purse. When the parties arrive at their respective destinations, Zoe and Webb realize that somewhere during their journey, their bags have been switched. From this unpromising beginning, the four characters...Daisy, Zoe, Andrew and Webb...go about their business not realizing that everything they do is connected in some way.
This book is a light, entertaining and funny read. It is told through the POV of each character. The reader sees the interconnections among the characters which adds to the fun and fast pace. It's really two stories...Daisy's and Andrew's, both looking for something more in their lives...and Webb and Zoe's...both on the brink of adulthood and trying to stand on their own. Teens  will enjoy this book as much as adults will. It's a perfect beach book!

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