Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Conundrum

I love to read books. I used to CRAVE having time to read, especially when my children were smaller. I learned to give the appearance of listening to my husband and children while surreptitiously turning the pages of my book, engrossed in the story (that was not always a wise choice... Child: "Mom, remember I am having a sleepover party tomorrow with ten of my friends." Me: "What?! I didn't say you could have a sleepover!"  Child: "I asked you last week if it was ok and you said yes." Me: "Was I reading a book at the time?" Child: "Yes.")
Then, I learned to use a computer and the Internet and then I discovered LibraryThing and Good Reads and Shelfari.  WOW!  A place where I could catalog my books and talk about them and get more ideas about books.  And NOW...I have a blog!  A book blog.  A place that I created myself where I can review books and talk about books and see what others are reading and challenge myself to read more.
The problem? I don't have time to read!  It's 2:41 am.  I've been on the computer for about 3 hours writing reviews, checking out Facebook and other blogs and now it's time for bed (actually, it was time for bed about 3 hours ago). And I haven't read one word since I got home from work!
A conundrum!

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