Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review of Save Me by Lisa Scottoline

Rating - 4 

On the day Rose volunteered at her daughter's elementary school to help in the lunchroom, an explosion in the kitchen sets fire to the school. Rose manages to get two little girls out of the lunchroom and to the hallway which leads to the playground outside, then she races back into the fire to find her daughter who was in the bathroom when the fire occurred. Initially, Rose is hailed as a hero for saving her daughters life. But then it is discovered that one of the little girls Rose had led to the hallway was still in the building. She was rescued, but in serious condition. At that point, Rose is reviled as a woman who saved her daughter's life at the expense of another child. In the aftermath of the fire, tempers rage and lawsuits are threatened. Rose is afraid her family will be the target of a criminal investigation. As she tries to piece together what happened that day, she keeps discovering bits of information that don't add up. Apparently the fire which killed three employees, was not an accident at all and Rose begins to realize that there are far bigger issues at stake than an elementary school fire.

I really enjoy Lisa Scottoline's books. They are suspenseful and difficult to stop reading once started.  "Save Me" is no exception. She addresses the issues of bullying, the insularity of small towns, corporate greed and political cover-ups. It seemed at times that there were really too many issues addressed and sometimes Rose's actions seemed a little far-fetched for a stay-at-home Mom living in a small town. But, the suspense and fast-paced kept me on the edge of my seat and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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