Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review of Eve by Iris Johansen

Rating - 4

Eve Duncan is a forensic sculptor. She analyzes bones and pieces them together to try and identify dead people. It's her mission in life. She lost her child, Bonnie, years ago and Eve constantly hopes that one day she will find out what happened to Bonnie even as she brings other people's children home using her talent. Her good friend, Catherine Ling, now comes to Eve with some information which might actually help Eve finally find out what happened to Bonnie.
Eve is the first in a 3 book series about Eve, Quinn and Bonnie. Much of the book is flashback to Eve's youth and the birth of Bonnie. Simultaneously, there is a race to find the person who not only may be Bonnie's killer but someone who has close ties to Eve's youth. There are parts of the book that seem to drag, especially the flashbacks, but the information is new to reader's of the Eve Duncan series and the search for the killer is extememly suspenseful and fast-paced.

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