Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review of Without Mercy by Lisa Jackson

Rating = 4
The murder of Julia "Jules" Farentino's father creates a bond with her younger half-sister, Shaylee Stillman. That bond is tested years later when 17-year-old Shaylee is shipped off to Blue Rock Academy, an Oregon school in the middle of nowhere for at-risk teens. Shaylee hates the school and believes there is a big problem there - people are dying. Shaylee secretly contacts Jules and begs to come home. Jules, worried about Shay's allegations, takes a teaching position at Blue Rock to rescue Shay. She discovers Cooper Trent, her ex-boyfriend, working there as an undercover PI looking into the murders.  Jules and Cooper work together to find the person(s) committing the murders. They are getting close, when a blizzard hits the area. Cooper, Jules and Shaylee are trapped at Blue Rock with a killer determined to kill them all.

Although this is not as well-written as some of Jackson's books (too many coincidences, shallow characterization), it's very suspenseful. The ending is a surprise, and it's a breathless ride to get there!!

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