Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review of Exposure by Therese Fowler

Rating = 4
Young Adult

High school students Amelia Wilkes and Anthony Winter met when they were both in a high school play together. Their relationship grew deeper, cemented by their talent and love of theater. No one knows they are a couple because Amelia is the only daughter of an influential and powerful family in town and Anthony is a scholarship student at the elite private school they both attend. Amelia and Anthony have a plan to audition for entry into the New York University theater de4partment and work toward careers in theater. This is something Amelia's father will never condone, so they keep their plans and their relationship secret. As their love deepens, they become intimate and feel the need to be in constant contact...via e-mail, texting, phone or in person. When Anthony, at Amelia's request, takes photos of both of them naked, Amelia asks him to forward them to her computer. Her father finds the photos while browsing through her computer and has
Anthony arrested. The events that follow snowball completely out of control, affecting Amelia, Anthony and their parents and with almost tragic consequences.

Exposure is thought-provoking with its examination of the "sexting" phenomenon, especially among teenagers, and the posible legal consequences.

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  1. It always amazes me the extent a teenager will go to please his/her boyfriend or girlfriend. When I was in highschool, I operated on the sole belief that whatever I did--uncondoned, taboo, or otherwise--could always make its way to the surface. Though I never took part in the whole sexting drama, I think Reese Witherspoon said it best:"Cut your head off in the picture."
    (end rant)
    Nice review.