Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review of Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Rating = 5

Meg Koranda is in the the small town of Wynette, Texas to be in the wedding of her best friend, Lucy Jorik to Ted Beaudine. As soon as Meg sees them together, she knows that Ted isn't the right person for Lucy. She helps Lucy realize it too and on the day of her wedding, Lucy tells Ted the wedding is off and leaves town. Despite the fact that Meg's parents are famous and rich, Meg herself has no money. Her parents have cut her off, expecting her to quit drifting and make something of herself. Now she's stuck in the small town of Wynette without a penny to her name and where everyone hates her for ruiniing the wedding of their favorite son, Ted Beaudine. And the one who hates her more than anyone is Ted himself!

SEP is probably my favorite comtemporary romance novelist. "Call Me Irresistible" features characters from several of her previous novels. Ted, Meg and Lucy werre young children when we met them previously. "Irresistible" features Phillips' hallmark strong, complex characters, humor and lots of romance. I can't wait for her next novel.

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  1. It seems like this book has what it takes. Nice review.