Monday, February 14, 2011

Review of Those That Wake by Jesse Karp

Rating = 3
Young Adult 

There has been an upsurge in crime and suicide in the country recently, although it is difficult to detect since most citizens are tied to their cell phones 24/7. Very few people interact face to face now; only by phone.  A young woman named Laura discovers that her parents don't even remember that she exists. A local fighter named Mal is urgently contacted by his brother, but the brother has now totally disappeared. A local high school teacher named Mike has noticed the problem, though.  The students in his school are more violent and troublesome than usual.  The lives of these three individuals eventually intersect and as a group, they must figure out what is going on to cause this amount of despair.
Karp has created a dystopia where no one interacts with each other; where buildings stand empty and there are even buildings that people can't see. The premise of the book is very interesting; an extension of the fear we feel now about becoming too dependent upon our technology.  I found parts of the story a little disjointed with too many acronyms and the assumption that the reader knows and understands the world he has created.  Teens will probably be drawn to the story ; it may provide a window into their future.

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