Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review of Annexed by Sharon Dogar

Rating = 5
Young Adult

The Diary of Anne Frank is a literary classic about a young Jewish girl's dreams and thoughts and fears during the two years she spent hiding in an office annex during the Holocaust. Annexed is the imagined story of life in the annex told from Peter's point of view.

Dogar used Anne Frank's diary to bring realism to the story and did extensive research on the Holocaust. As a stand-out young adult author, she is able to describe the thoughts and feelings of a teenage boy and what it must have been like living in such close quarters, knowing that he might never again live outside those walls. Told from two points of view, the reader experiences Peter's "present" as he lies dying in a concentration camp near the end of the war and his past, the two years of living in the annex. An epilogue details what happened to each of the annex residents after they were betrayed. This book will make you think and cry and want to go back and read Anne Frank's diary again. Absolutely a must read!!

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